Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Painting Pottery - A Girls' Day Out

One day last month, my friends Melanie and Jessica and I got our little ladies together for a girls' day out. We went to a shop called Painterly Pottery. We had never gone to a "paint your own pottery" place before, and we were all curious about it.
We walked around and around the place showing the girls what there was to choose from and talking about ideas.
There was LOTS to choose from. Claire chose a tiny little bird, two bunnies, and a bowl. She insisted she was painting a bowl for daddy to have his cereal in. She saw a large Hello Kitty figurine there to paint too but I had to give her a choice. I said, "You can choose Hello Kitty or the bowl for daddy but not both." She did not even hesitate to pick the bowl for daddy. Such a sweetie!
After choosing our pottery, we then had to decide on paint colors. Oh, my! Claire really wanted to use them all. She did try quite a few! I have to say, she comes by this naturally. I love color, and I am terrible at making decisions!
We sat a huge table together and worked on our pottery for about two hours...

Talia and Baby Claire (as my Claire calls her) are both only two years old but their attention spans were really impressive. Both girls just painted and painted. TWO HOURS!!

 They are best buds...
Such sweetie-pies!

This is the bowl Clarie worked on for her dad.
  I painted this platter...
I really liked how it turned out...

 After painting pottery we went out to lunch - a lovely lady lunch!
"Ohh! Lunch!"

The girls read Disney Princess stories while we waited for our table...


And played with Wikki-Stix while we waited for our food...

It was such a fun day. Claire is still talking about it!
And Daddy LOVED his special cereal bowl...
Painterly Pottery is located at
904 N. Water Street
Bay City, MI 48706
ph: 989.895.1029

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