Monday, April 29, 2013

Claire Bear

Time seems to be going by so fast! Sometimes I look at my 3 kids and think, "This is happening too fast! Make it slow down!"

They are getting so big and so much more independent all the time. I want to cherish every moment, and I don't want to forget ANYTHING! I am going to do a post about each of them and how they are right now at this time in our lives. I want to remember it all. So this first one is about my Claire Bear. Claire is 4 years old and super anxious to be officially 4 1/2! (The 1/2 is a big deal!)


She is really good at whistling. She sings Beatles songs . She takes music classes (from me) on Mondays and dance lessons on Tuesdays. She does "shows" for us all the time by handing out "tickets" and invisible popcorn while she stands on a stool and sings and dances.  She is into everything princess right now. Her favorite princess is Cinderella.

She is also into playing Barbies. She and Oliver play Barbies together and Barbie often starts off in her pink convertible but ends up driving a John Deere tractor thanks to little brother! Claire can almost always be found with a baby doll (or 3) in her arms. In addition to buckling Claire and Oliver into their seats in the van, I often must buckle a doll into a car seat too!

We cherish our "girl" time together. Our mommy/Claire days often include painting our nails or going to get our nails done, shopping, out to eat together, making cupcakes or cake balls, cuddling on the couch and watching "Brave" or "Cinderella" or reruns of "Full House."

She loves all things pink, sequins, and glitter and thinks she should wear a dress every day, no matter the occasion. I do her hair every day and she usually requests certain bows, barrettes, or headbands though she doesn't leave them in very long. Most days her hair decor is in her locker when I pick her up from school. She is also a shoe fanatic and thinks every shopping trip to the city MUST include a new pair of shoes. Have to admit....she gets that from me!

She loves books. Her favorites right now include: Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, Pinkalicious, and Fancy Nancy books. She is a bit of a tv and movie junkie too. Her favorite shows include Full House, Sophia the First, Dora, Olivia, Jesse, and Good Luck, Charlie. She starts every morning by requesting, "Mommy, cartoons and chocolate milk!" She loves doing projects including painting, coloring, drawing, writing letters, or working with play-doh.

Claire does not stay in her bed! We put her to bed by 8:00 p.m. every night and she comes back out at least 5 times telling us she's not tired. She is also the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to bedtime: potty, a drink of water, more cuddles, another story, cow pillow, silkie blankie, baby doll - no other baby doll! Once she finally does fall asleep in her bed it only lasts for a few hours and she ends up in our bed.

She loves to help in the kitchen and is always pushing her little chair up to the counter to help with meals and snacks. She loves cracking eggs and stirring batter. She loves making cupcakes with sprinkles - strawberry cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles, of course! Her absolute favorite food is strawberries!

Sorry 'bout the dark photo - we are on a lunch date here.

Claire's favorite restaturant is Big Boy and given the choice this is ALWAYS what she will choose!

She is creative, thoughtful, compassionate, and loving.


She is such a great big sister to her brother, Oliver. They are best buds.


She picked out a very cute house in our neighborhood that she has informed me she is going to live at when she grows up. She tells me she will have two poodles named Charlotte and Pinkie and two cats named Meowly and Sparkles. She also says she will invite me and daddy over for dinner every night so I don't have to cook! I'm looking forward to that!

Claire adores her daddy and the feeling is mutual. She definitely has daddy wrapped around her little finger. I love their close relationship and pray that it continues as she grows older.
Oh, our little lady...How did we get from this....
to this... 

 so fast?!?!


  1. What a beautiful story and a beautiful girl!

    1. Thank you, Helga! We think she is pretty amazing! :)