Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Introducing Lydia Louise

 My sister, Cherie and her husband, Danny just welcomed home their newest family member,
Lydia Louise. Lydia was scheduled to come via c-section on May 6th but surprised everyone with her early arrival last Saturday morning! I was away for the weekend but finally got to meet my new niece last night when she got home from the hospital.
Since she was a bit premature, we are keeping the cousins (and other kids) away from her until she is bigger, stronger, older and until we are past this germy season that seems to be lingering this year. Lydia wanted me to tell her all about her cousins though. So I filled her in on all the fun we will have together this summer. She is very excited!
Mama and her babies!

Very proud big brothers!

Lydia looks so much like her brothers did when they were born! Beautiful children!
Jacob is 8 1/2 and always tries to be so cool. He just couldn't help himself though when it came to his new baby sister. He was giddy with excitement.

And can you blame him? Just look at this precious angel...

Jacob made this poster to welcome Lydia home...
It says:
Some Family Tips:
-Family is important
-We all help out around the house.
-We have to eat all our food (unless it is really gross!)
-Family is awesome!!!
Isn't that great?
Nicholas (4 1/2) too was just smitten with his baby sister. 
He kept singing "You Are My Sunshine" to Lydia. It was so sweet!

Nicky made Lydia this welcome home poster!


Very proud big brothers!

Very happy family!

Welcome to the world, sweet Lydia!