Thursday, May 2, 2013

Newborn Photography Session

I am not a photographer, but I sure have fun with my camera. I have always been a documenter - snapping photos all the time, keeping journals and lists, and scrapbooking. I spent a lot of money on film with my old 35mm Canon years ago and never knew for sure what the pics were like until I got the stack of them back after getting them developed. And then, God forbid, somebody does something cute or an event would come up and I was out of film! Ugh! The digital camera is such an amazing invention. Love it, love it, love it!! Now I can truly be the photo freak I am and not waste money on pictures that didn't really turn out.
I shared with you HERE about my new niece, Lydia. She is such a sweetheart! We are so in love!
My sisters both think I should just do all their kid pictures but...I think they have more confidence in me than I do in myself. I try to humor them. I surely don't want to let them down so I do the best I can while constantly reminding them that I am not really a photographer!  I am learning more and more all the time though. Here are some photos from Lydia's newborn "photo session" with her auntie amatuer photographer!
 Love from a very proud big brother!

And the other proud big brother..
They are just all so sweet. I love this one...

Love from mommy and daddy...

And where did she go?!?!
 I had so much fun shooting the guys!
Hmmm....what is so funny, boys?!?!
And some fun family shots...

Daddy is a huge Minneapolis Moline (tractor) fan so per his request...

I think it turned out so cute!

And the princess herself...


"Oh, no! It is the crazy lady with the camera again!"

A tiny baby sneeze..."God Bless You, Sweetpea!"

Ahhh....L O V E!

This one might just be my favorite!!

I felt like my sister and I were little girls playing baby dolls again!

Lydia got fed up with photos. Here she let me know she'd had enough....
I use Picasa for photo editing/enhancing. It is free and easy to use though I am looking into purchasing an editing program.  For now, Picasa has let me do some fun stuff...
Daddy's big hands holding Lydia's tiny foot.  So sweet!

Then I tried it using a "sketch" mode. Kinda cool how it really outlines the big hands and little foot.
I ordered some prints through Artsy Couture. Though the photos looked lovely on the computer, I kept telling my sister the real test would be when they were printed - if my photos could really come out nice blown up bigger.
This was the first time I ordered anything through Artsy Couture and I have to say, I was impressed! I had them in less than a week, the prices were very affordable, and when I called them I was actually able to talk to a real person. I got 2 4x6 pictures, 1 10x10 and 1 16x24. All of them were very nice. It was nice to have the options to include color correction, mounting board, and a linen finish. It also got to choose which packing I wanted for it...
Damsask and Chevron packages
I, of course, chose the pink damask!
I've gone to some amazing photographers for my kids' pictures in the past and recently too. I will not leave our beloved photographers, but am glad I was able to make my sister happy with this photo shoot.
Oh, Lydia Louise....

You have stolen our hearts already!

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