Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oliver Ryan

This post is all about my baby...
Oliver Ryan


Ryan and I were quite surprised to discover we were pregnant with a third child. We had struggled with infertility for about 8 years and went through infertility treatment to get Hugh. We then had two more infertility treatments that ended in miscarriages and were gently told by my doctor that we should consider adoption. We did, but I also tried some natural fertility remedies and voila! We were pregnant with Claire. We really thought this was kind of a fluke and well....I guess whatever had been broken was fixed because there we were with Claire having just turned 1 year old and we were expecting again. We were both a bit shocked and overwhelmed. What an absolute blessing Oliver is though! What we would have missed had we not had him!
This photo was taken last year but this is still how I am greeted every day when I pick him up from day care. He also runs to me with this greeting when I've just run to the grocery store! Always as if he hasn't seen me in days! I love it!

Oliver is 2 1/2. He is an extremely lovey, cuddly, snuggly, huggy little boy. He loves on all of us and tells us he loves us multiple times a day. The other day he said, "Mama, I love you. You my whole wide world." Ahhh....melts my heart! Often when we are all together in the car or sitting together at the dinner table he will say, "I love my family! My house is so fun! I love being with my family!" Yes, he actually says all that! Hopefully he feels the same way when he is 15!

Oliver is a good eater, often the last one at the table clearing everyone elses' plates! He loves yogurt, spaghetti, soup, carrot sticks, and anything dipped in ketchup! He insists on having milk WITH OVALTINE!!! He also LOVES fruit snacks!

He has no idea he is younger or smaller than the other two. He is confident that he is just as "grown up" as his big brother and sister! He is 2 1/2 but would really like to be 4 1/2 (like sister!) He asked me a couple months ago, "Mama, how old am I?" I said, "2." He said, "TWO?? Two is not much! It is just one, two (hands out showing 1, 2.) One, two and that is it! That is not big. No. I am 9."(Like big brother!)
Oliver is hilarious! Cracking us up all the time! He is full of stories and talks a lot! He recently told all his day care providers that daddy sold his car for "30 pounds" - no, we do not live in the United Kingdom. He said daddy then bought a semi truck and that he was going to pick Oliver up from school in the semi truck. He was so confident in the details of his story and so animated while telling it that the day care ladies kinda wondered if any of it was true! Nope. Not a word.
Oliver loves to read. He has always loved stories. His favorite stories are about trucks, farming, and animals. He also loves the Llama Llama stories. A couple of his favorite books right now are "Good Night, Good Night Construction Site" and "David's Tractor." We read and reread those a lot!

He assumes, of course, that if daddy and big brother are going hunting, fishing, or any other "manly" activities that he, too, will go. Sometimes when the big boys go, I am left with a very sad little guy!
Before I know it though, my little man will be off hunting and fishing with the big guys!
He has always been a huge fan of vacuuming. Never was afraid of it, always curious about it. Once he began walking he insisted on being the one to run the vacuum each time I plugged it in. Works for me! He recently discovered we also own a steam cleaner (I don't use it much any more because most the flooring in our house is Pergo now.) He was so excited to find the steam cleaner and said, "Oh! Mom! We can vacuum together now! One for you and one for me!" Yes, that's my boy!
I recently taught him how to use the attachment feature to vacuum the baseboards.
He squealed with delight as if it were Christmas morning!
He is so fun....

...and so sweet...

...and so curious about the world around him!
What a blessing he is to our family. 

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Thank you, God for my Oliver Ryan.



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