Monday, May 6, 2013

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

 We recently attended a 1st birthday party for our little buddy, Owen.
His theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!"
Look at this amazing cake!

Owen and his big sister, Lilly (5), have birthdays just days apart so the party was for both of them. Lilly wanted a flower party so the caterpillars and flowers worked very well together.


Caterpillar made with paper lanterns.
Caterpillar made with balloons! (I love the legs on it!)
 Lilly's "cake" was this...
....little pots with dirt cake down in them and a flower sticking out of the top! Each pot had a muffin liner in the bottom to hold the dirt cake. Super cute, huh?!?!
And here's the birthday boy enjoying his lunch!
Look at his highchair! His sister, Chloee, (8) and her friend made the caterpillar to hang on the tray.
It says, "I am one!"


Part of the colorful decor going along with the flower theme AND the caterpillar theme were these little party favor flowers.
They are colorful lollipops with a flower petal background made from felt and a construction paper center. The center says, "Thanks for crawling over to our party! Love, Lilly & Owen" They were stuck into green tubs with green paper grass for centerpieces. So. Darn. Cute.

The decorations, the cake, the kids...everything was so cute! 

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