Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Summer Bucket Lists

Happy 1st official day of summer!

Summer of 2012
Every summer I have the kids make a summer bucket list of all the things they'd like us to do during our summer vacation. (See last year's HERE.) My mom always had me and my sister's do this every year too, and I remember how good it felt to know that mom really wanted to know what we wanted and really wanted to make it happen. I want to do the same for my kiddos.  It is always fun to see what is important to them and actually having a list holds me (and daddy) accountable for actually doing the things that they consider to be special.

Hugh - summer of 2012

Here is Hugh's Summer Bucket List (age 10)...

-go fishing
-go camping
-go to the beach
-pick blueberries
-swim in the local community pool
-bale hay with grandpa
-spend a week at Boppa and Grandma's house
-stay at the Cabarn  (family cabin on Lake Michigan)
-spend the night at the cabin (other family cabin)
-go to church camp with cousin Jake and buddy Lance

Claire - summer of 2012

Claire's Summer Bucket List (age 4 1/2)...

-play on the slip and slide
-play in the little pool
-visit community pool
-work on fairy garden
-go to the beach
-have a tea party with Grandma Beth and cousins, Lydia and Addie
-go camping
-go to the park

Oliver - summer of 2012
Oliver's Summer Bucket List (age 2 1/2)...

-Drive the 4-wheeler at grandma and grandpa's house
-drive the tractor
-ride horses
-go to Uncle Lane's house
-have a sleepover with cousin Nicky
-go camping
-have a dump truck birthday party

Summer 2012 (it was pouring rain that day!)

Mommy's Summer Bucket List...

-go camping
-go to the famers market (lots of times!)
-visit Prism Antiques
-visit nearby lavender farm
-paint and redecorate master bedroom
-have 4th of July party with family and friends
-read good books
-watch the sunset on the beach (as many times as possible)
-go away on scrapbook friends weekend
-canoe on river date with my hubby
-run in The Color Run 5K
-buy a new van

Daddy's Summer Bucket List...

-go fishing
-clean and organize garage
-write lots of articles
-work on garden
-go to baseball games
-go camping
-train Gus (puppy)
-buy new van

We have already done a few of these things! Yay!
Off to a great start!
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