Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hugh's 10th Birthday Basketball Bash

I am SO excited to share with you the basketball party we just threw for our son Hugh's 10th birthday! It was so fun to plan and was so fun to celebrate with family and friends. Hugh has gotten to be quite the basketball player this past year and this was the theme he chose for his birthday celebration.

This is the invitation we sent out. Got it from StoryBookLane Crafts on Etsy. (For privacy and security reasons, I smudged out our address on here!)
Daddy and I wore referee shirts because...well, we are ALWAYS the referees around here!
I had made this coffee filter wreath awhile back. It took about 2 minutes to remove the pinned on burlap and pearl flowers I had on it and replace them with two mini basketballs. I then used a black foam pennant, added a few 3D basketball stickers and letter stickers for his name. I pinned it into the wreath with straight pins. TA-DA! Super fast, last minute idea that turned out great!
I took the hanging glass tiles and mirrors off from our dining room chandelier and hung a real basketball net up instead. I then taped a foam basketball on the chain above to make it look like it was going in the basket.

The party favors included a variety of basketball themed items on the basketball prize buffet! The kids each took a little paper bag and filled it with orange prizes! This photo above was the centerpiece on the prize buffet. I laid down a gray and white chevron table runner purchased from GroopDealz for about $10. I then got that orange pedestal on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $4 and the metal basketball sign for $6 also from Hobby Lobby. One of our old basketballs balanced perfectly on top. When Hugh first saw all of this he said, "Mom, this is REALLY nice. Thank you." {ahhh...makes my heart melt and makes it all worth it!}
Orange plastic bowls, a plastic basketball bowl, a glass bowl, a glass vase, and glass jars held the other items.
The prize buffet included chocolate foil wrapped basketballs, basketball print packaged dinner mints, orange gumballs, basketball hacky sacks, basketball erasers, basketball key chains, NBA trading cards (HUGE hit!), basketball tattoos, plastic "Hoop Strong" bracelets (HUGE hit!), candy, and personalized basketball pencils that said, "Slam Dunk! Hugh is 10!"

I made this poster to look like a score board. The top says, "Hugh's Basketball Bash."

  The time on it: 06:15 is his birthday. The HOME and GUEST scores are his birth year: 2003. The Period is 10 because he is 10. I hung a basketball pennant and foam basketball above it for added decoration. The slam dunk guy on the left is from a sports bulletin board kit from school.
The table in front of the score board held the cupcake tower with basketball cupcakes. It is hard to see but the very top of the tower is a photo of Hugh on his 1st birthday holding a basketball. {sniff, sniff}
Surrounding the cupcakes are mini Reese's peanut butter cups (Hugh's absolute favorites!) The basketball cake and basketball cake plates are also on the table. I ran basketball ribbon across the table and added basketball confetti all over the table as well.
Hugh's 1st birthday photo...


The cupcakes...
The cake.... 
I used a soccer ball cake pan ($8 with 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby) to bake the cake, tinted vanilla frosting orange, and used the brown and orange Reese's Pieces for the top.

The menu was SUPER easy...

Hot dogs in the crock pot - put two large packages of hot dogs on end heated about 2 cups of water to almost boiling in the microwave then poured it over the hot dogs, put the lid on and let it "cook" for about an hour on high. That was that! We had buns and condiments nearby so guests could help themselves. I made little signs for all the food too using folded 3x5 index cards and basketball stickers.

I used Sharpies to draw basketball lines on oranges. This was a big hit!

Grandma brought her famous cheesy potatoes in the crock pot.

Cheese balls ($5 a tub from Target) were a must because they looked just like basketballs. Baked beans....the beans sign was the last one I made....rather lame,I know. I was out of good ideas by then.
Veggies and dip with a "Dunk It" sign - PERFECT!!
We had a basketball court set up at the front of the house for the kids to play on. I, of course, decorated it all up too....

I made these signs on foam board and hung them on the outside of the garage door along with the basketball banner. 
Jesse loved the "Save the Drama for your Mama" sign!

These basketball balloons also hung in the court area.


I put a big tub of ice and orange Gatorade out by the basketball court so the kids could help themselves as they played. It worked good!

Part of the décor included daddy's old basketball jersey from high school!

And here's the birthday boy...

He got basketball clothes, this cool new ball, wristbands and a headband, and dribbling goggles as gifts. He thought he was really something. I kinda thought he looked like a guy from the movie, "Dodgeball."
We had SO much fun at the party. Our yard was just FILLED with family and friends. I was emotional anyway because it was his 10th birthday. Hugh had a very rocky start to life and his 10th birthday...well, there was a time when we were told he'd never get there. See his story HERE.
It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate such an important milestone with so many family, friends, and neighbors. I am truly overwhelmed by all the love and support from these special people in our lives. We are certainly blessed!

We were able to rent a bounce house for the event. We got it for only $75 for three days! Boy, was it a hit! I had thought it would be great for the smaller kids while the older ones played basketball but EVERYONE enjoyed the bounce house.

The sandbox, swings, and playsets were also popular...

Claire and Oliver had friends here too...

Oliver and his buddies, Cooper and Corbin, worked on cutting down trees during the party.
Our Claire and friend, Claire. They needed a "Claire" photo taken!
All the friends and cousins (and sister too) gathered around to sing and help blow out the candles!
Hugh got so many wonderful gifts - money, gift cards, a movie rental, a waterpark pass, toys, basketball gear, and a gift certificate to his favorite party store (The Red Zone!)
A bit S-P-O-I-L-E-D!?!? Or maybe BLESSED?!?!
 Hugh was amazed by his gift of money from Uncle Lane and Aunt Brooke and cousins.
Those dollar bills just kept coming and coming!!!

The next day when I was cleaning up all the party stuff, I took time to read all Hugh's cards and I got emotional about it all over again. 10 - WOW!
Again, many thanks to our family and friends for supporting us and praying for us during Hugh's 10 years! As you all know, he is pretty amazing and we wouldn't be where were are if weren't for all of you. We are so blessed with such wonderful people in our lives and so thankful for all the great kids Hugh has become friends with over the years. This party was a reminder to me how much we are loved and how much our Hugh is loved. {sniff, sniff} So thankful for all of you! Thanks for hoopin' it up with us to celebrate 10 years!


 (Oliver's shirt said, "Too short 2 Dunk." Isn't that hilarious?? It was purchased at JCPenneys.)
Party Supplies Resource List...
Party City: basketball chocolates, basketball keychains, basketball mints, Hoop Strong bracelets, basketball erasers, basketball hacky sacks, basketball confetti.
Oriental Trading: personalized basketball pencils, plastic basketball banner, basketball tattoos, orange gumballs
Hobby Lobby: ball cake pan, Basketball metal sign, orange pedestal, 3D basketball stickers, foam basketballs, foam pennant (for wreath.)
Target: orange Gatorade, yellow tub for ice and Gatorade, Reese's pieces for cake, basketball net, cheeseball puffs.
Birthday in a Box: basketball balloons, basketball dinner and cake plates with matching napkins.
Dick's Sporting Goods: referee shirts ($19 a piece.)
Dollar Tree: plastic orange bowls, NBA trading card packages, basketball stickers
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  1. Such a cute party, I love the signs and the ref shirts, so fun!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! It was so fun to plan!