Saturday, June 22, 2013

Schwan's Push Ems and a Sprinkle Buffet

Here is a busy mom confession....I do buy Schwan's food. Often. I know I am paying a little more than I would in the store at many times but the convenience makes it SO worth it to me!
Thinking through what I need in my own home rather than at a busy grocery store (and saving gas and not having to load the kids,) purchasing groceries without the kids filling the cart with other things, a stocked freezer that is filled with ready-to-eat items....REALLY helps a mom out!
Schwan's summer catalog has a new product in it....
...Push-Ems Cotton Candy Sherbet. A box of 12 cost me about $7.00. They looked cute and I knew they would seem like such a special treat to the kids so I got 2 boxes - 1 for at home and 1 for an upcoming camping trip. Schwan's summer edition of Everyday Cravings had an idea in it about providing your kids with bowls of their favorite sprinkles and letting them add their own "sweet crunch." I loved that idea! So simple, yet I knew it would be a big hit!
My nephew Nicholas turned 5 this week and to celebrate, my sister and I took all our kids to the local pool to swim for the afternoon. (It was on some of their summer bucket lists!)
Hooray! Nicky is 5 today!
NOT EASY getting everyone to leave the pool though. No one wanted to stop swimming. I promised them all that I had a yummy birthday treat for them at home.
While the kids changed clothes, I arranged 6 paper plates along the edge of the table with 6 different types of sprinkles.

There really was something for everyone!
I then gave them each a Push-Em (and pushed them up a couple inches) and told them to roll them in any sprinkles they wanted.

They couldn't believe I was allowing this.

Claire looked at me suspiciously and said, "I want to try all the sprinkles." I said, "Go right ahead!"
Cotton Candy sherbet + a gazillion sprinkles = happy girl!

The birthday boy was delighted with the treat as well!

Oliver loved having the independence to choose his own and to do it himself!
Let me tell you....these Cotton Candy Push Ems are D E L I C I O U S!
They have such a soft, rich, creamy taste to them! VERY good!
(The little light blue and pink packaging they come in is so cute too!)

Fast, colorful, easy clean up, happy kids cooling off on a hot summer day - it's a win, win!
You gotta try them!!

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