Monday, July 22, 2013

Organ to Entertainment Center Transformation....

I had to share this with you! My dad is the king of repurposing. I can remember several repurposing projects he did when I was growing up. One that stands out is a corn crib to a car top carrier! Or was it car top carrier to a corn crib?!?! Hmmm...Well, regardless, he has always been great at recycling and reusing! This was an old organ my grandmother had in her house. We played it (or rather, played on it) until the sounds it produced sounded sickly and then it sat idle for several years. Upon purchasing a new television, my dad decided a "new" entertainment center was in order as well. He removed the keyboard and laid the music stand flat for the TV to sit on. He then cut a hole out of the front just the right size for the VHS/DVD player to fit in. All the cords go down the back.

I can't believe how perfect it all fits together! And look how nicely it fits in this space next to the fireplace at my parents' house? 
So now we still have grandma's old organ to admire - it just has a new purpose!
Clever, huh??

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