Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Tiny Miss

Whew! We have had a whirlwind start to July and it is the 19th already! We have been so busy that my poor blog has been a bit neglected! I intend to spend the next few days filling you in on all we've been doing!
Our little Claire won the Tiny Miss pageant for our town's 4th of July festival! The funny thing is, we didn't even go to it intending to participate! We had discussed it with Claire several weeks prior and explained to her what she'd need to do if she participated. She considered it but then said she didn't want to because she'd be too nervous answering the judges' questions. Sooo...that was that. We told her that was fine and we didn't discuss it again. Until.....

...the day of the pageant. My friend Lindsey called to tell me she was putting her baby Adalee in the cute baby pageant and her sister was unable to go with her. I said, "Claire and I were just getting ready to go run some errands. We will come up there and hang out with you." We were excited to see Baby Adalee! On the short drive up there, Claire asked how Baby Adalee was going to be able to answer the questions from the judges. I said, "Well, the babies don't have to answer questions - just the big kids." She was quiet for a minute and then said, "I can do it!" I questioned her and insisted she didn't have to but she was confident she could handle it. So we got there and registered. Luckily she thinks you can't leave the house without looking like a beauty queen anyway, so she was appropriately dolled up! I didn't call daddy to tell him what we were doing because I really wasn't sure she would go through with it. But she did. She smiled, answered the judges questions speaking clearly into the microphone, thanked the judges and waved as she walked off stage.
I told her I was proud of her! A bit later they announced the 3rd place winner, the 2nd place winner, and then...1st place - Claire Walker!
Well, she might as well have won the Miss USA pageant! I was so excited! She went up on stage to get her trophy, crown, sash, and rose and before we got off the stage, Baby Adalee's Grandpa Chuck had called Ryan and said, "Great dad you are! Your daughter is here in this pageant and you aren't even here to see her!" Ryan said, "No, she's not!" And Chuck said, "Yes, she is and she just won!" :)

We rushed home and got kisses from daddy who is always her biggest fan!
The next day Claire got to be in the 4th of July parade! She did her "Miss America wave" beautifully through town! At the end of the parade, the driver of the car (who is also the father of the man whose company sponsored the pageant) asked her if she was going to do this again next year. She very firmly said, "NO!" :) That is fine with us! We know Claire is beautiful but, as a friend of mine said, she is just as beautiful on the inside too and that is what matters most! Proud of my girl!
Baby Adalee - isn't she a doll??

Baby Adalee and her mommy at the pageant! Baby Adalee won third place in the baby division! Look at her adorable outfit! If that doesn't scream "princess"....?!?!



  1. Love this post, so cool that she won! Does this mean I am going to see you on Toddlers in Tiaras?

  2. :) Oh, I don't think you'll see us on Toddlers in Tiaras! We're good with just reigning at the Cass City Freedom Fest!