Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Mantel

All 5 of us in our family are headed back to school next week! Since Ryan and I are both teachers, we are blessed to have the summers to devote to our family and "back-to-school" means ALL of us! To get us revved up a bit, I decided to create a little "back-to-school" display on the mantel in our living room.
Here you can see a wooden apple, old (1920s) books of short stories for children, ABC blocks, a teacher figurine of learning multiplication, a wooden star, a group of pencils bound together with red rick-rack ribbon, and a free back-to-school printable I found HERE. The frame that it is in was a plain, inexpensive one that I spray painted bright red.
I filled a huge glass jar with crayons and a "bouquet" of old rulers and a small flag.
The apple figurine in the background is a candle jar topper - a pile of books topped with the apple. Leaning against that is a small chalkboard and a smaller chalkboard on which I wrote "4th Grade" in honor of Hugh. You can also see the 123 blocks in front. I included a miniature replica of an old school desk which has my name engraved on it as well as a teacher's hand bell which also has my name engraved on it. I kept the black and white photo of the kids (which is my fav!!) from my summer mantel decor which you can see HERE.
I found a teeny tiny school bus for 77 cents at a local store. I thought it was so cute! I also added a "We Sing" student text from 1940. My mom says she remembers using that in school.
Hugh will be going into 4th grade. Claire will be starting a 4 year old preschool program. Oliver will be returning to the day care/preschool at our school (and hopefully using the potty there!)
I will be returning to my position as a creative arts teacher for grades PreK through 5th, and Daddy will be returning to the high school to teach senior English.

Some of these school items were gifts to me from students or hand-me-downs from retired teachers.

I included a variety of items that represent each of us...

This coming weekend we will be having our traditional Back-to-School Party with cousins and Grandma (a retired teacher) and Boppa. In the next week, I intend to share with you some of my own back-to-school sanity savers that I, as a mom and a teacher, have found make my life easier!

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