Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Mantel

It is August. I decided it is about time I share my mantel as it has been all summer. Better late than never, right??

I have two photographs on the mantel. The larger one is a photo of my babies taken last summer. I love this picture!! The smaller photo on the right is also a photo of my babies. In the picture is also my "little sister" in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. This photo was taken two summers ago!

This orangeish square with the W on it I got for only $1.00 at Hobby Lobby! $1.00!! Can you believe it??
This huge butterfly was also purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $20.00. I love the colors in it and the whimsy it adds to the décor. I also like the added height that is not seen in a lot of my usual living room décor. I have a small turquoise votive holder on its base. The holder has subtle butterflies on it too. The rock in front of the photograph (above) is heart-shaped and says, "You are my miracle." I have had it since my oldest was a baby. I thought it was appropriate by the picture of the kids.

The variety of colors in the butterfly pull in all the other colors on the mantel.

This little wooden "Relax" sign is just precious with a vintage-like print on it of children swimming. I purchased this from Zulilly awhile back. RELAX is my reminder for the summer!

You can also see a 22 oz Yankee Candle in Beach Wood scent on the far left. It smells wonderful!

Won't be long and it'll all be replaced with fall décor. *SIGH* Summer never lasts long enough!

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