Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Cowboy Birthday

My nephew Jacob turned 9 last month and requested a cowboy birthday party!
My sister, Cherie had a great time planning this shindig!
The party favor bags were made to look like cowboy boots (in black) and cowgirl books (in pink!)
My sister made the cake which I think turned out A D O R A B L E!!!!
Jacob loved it! You can also see in the picture with the boot bags that the cake has little rice krispy bales of "hay" around it. The krispy treats were made the traditional way and red Pull & Peel Licorice was added for the twine on the hay bales.
I picked up these WANTED signs for Jacob and he designed them himself. The photos on them are of him in his cowboy gear! We had these signs hanging around the party venue.
We had these cute plastic boot cups left from a cowboy party in years past and pulled them out again to hold the silverware on the food table. The meal was a wonderful, countrish meal of fried chicken, corn on the cob, watermelon, peaches fresh picked from Grandma and Boppa's peach tree, taco salad, and veggies displayed in the shape of a horseshoe....
Lemonade in mason jars was the refreshing beverage of choice.
You can also see the tablecloth a bit in this picture. This is the tablecloth I made last year for my little Oliver's farm party - see HERE.
My sister used pool noodles, rubber bands, googley eyes, foam for the ears, and pulled-apart bath poofs to make these adorable horses! The kids each got one to keep after we used them for barrel racing...



The barrel racing was hysterical! My sister actually timed each kid and the kids took turns running the barrel route on their "horse!" Every child had a huge grin on his or her face! It was awesome!
Of course, no party of any such sort takes place at Boppa's without a hayride...

And a game of horseshoes...

Another highlight was panning for gold! My sister did a little historical lecture on panning for gold then gave the kids a sandbox sifter. They took turns dipping it into the "river" and pulling it out, shaking it a bit, and seeing if they were able to collect any "gold."

Of course they all did! The "gold" was pebbles spray painted gold! Genius!

The bouncy, rocking horses were also set outside in the party area for the kids to ride at their leisure...

And no cowboy party would be complete without some roping...

Boppa started by doing some demonstrations and teaching the kids some roping tricks and techniques. He was REALLY good at it!

The birthday boy was pretty awesome too...

Horseback riding was the final activity...


Boppa's horse, Button, was just a sweetheart! She graciously let all the excited kids (and some grown-ups too) take her for a ride around the arena!

Get a load of this cowboy! This is Jacob's little brother, Nicholas (5.) He is such a hoot!



Cherie really thought of everything! (She always does!) I think Grandma and Boppa had a ton of fun being part of the party planning too! And the weather was perfect - it was a gorgeous August evening!
"Thank you for everything, mom!"
*sigh* Makes it all worth it!

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