Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn, Creativity, and UFOs

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend and guest blogger, Brooke Mallory. Brooke is an amazing Christian woman,  homeschooling mother of 4 beautiful children, crafter/decorator extraordinaire, and one of the best repurposers I've ever met! I have been begging asking her to do a guest post on my blog for a few months now, and I am thrilled that I finally talked her into it! Brooke will be doing a few autumn inspired blog posts here on Sister-Dipity in the next few days. Read on below to get to know Brooke better...
Creativity is my outlet. As a home-schooling mom of four (and yes you will find mistakes in my writing), and wife of a self-employed man (who is here... a lot.), I need it!  There is no one particular area that I gravitate toward...whatever my fingers get a twitch for, I guess. I build things. I paint things. Cook lots and sew some. I’ve been known to rewire a thing or two and even make some light fixtures. From chicken coops and cow pens to curtains and kitchen sinks...I have had my hands in it!  I love hitting the hardware, home improvement, and farm supply stores. Truly inspiring!
 Lately my hankering is for making something out of nothing....nothing anyone else would want anyway. I do believe I have been bitten by the junk monkey!  It suits me well though. Being self-employed, well let’s just say things get a little  >tight<   from time to time. So something out of nothing is familiar ground! I do get lots of great ideas from Pinterest as well, with my own take on it of course! Hey, is it just me, or can you spot a “pin” just about anywhere you are driving these days?!
 So, we find ourselves at the dawning of the autumn of the year, my favorite season. I love everything about it: the smells, the foods, the cool comfortable temperatures, pumpkins, mums, crunchy leaves, cornstalks, campfires, hooded sweatshirts and the reinstatement of the favorite fuzzy socks. I made my first pot of chili for the season on Friday night. It was waaaay more than the two of us (who actually eat it) really needed. But what total and utter JOY sauteing the onions, browning up that beef, and stirring all the beans, tomatoes, and spices in! I need help, I realize this!

The cherry on top of this most wonderful time of the year (despite what old Andy Williams thinks) would most definitely be the decorating. For me, much of what I have is old, rustic, and well-worn, lending itself well to the theme. I rarely purchase anything new, with the exception of pumpkins and some potted mums. And if I do, it is most certainly someone else’s old junk! Truthfully, part of the fun is rearranging and updating some of the same old stuff and seeing what I can come up with on such a   >tight<  budget!

Right now, however, “focus and finish” is the name of the game. I have been puttering with lots of half-finished projects. Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m a hopeless procrastinator? Of course not, we are almost finished here! I have gobs and gobs of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects), as cousin Linsey puts it. Guilty!  I do eventually get them done, honest. I just have to feel it, ya know?  Anyway, lots of loose ends getting wrapped up around here; the kitchen being next in my crosshairs (right after the chicken feeders I started today, and the fall decorating..... sigh).

Here is a snippet of what I’ve been up to lately. Hope you enjoy!


Warmest Autumn Regards,

Come back tomorrow to see some of her fall décor!



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