Monday, September 2, 2013

Back-to-School Party

We are a family of teachers. My sister and I are both teachers, my husband is a teacher, and my mom is a retired teacher. Education is a BIG DEAL in our family! Several years ago we started a new family tradition - the annual Back-to-School Party! We all get together and announce and celebrate who is going to school and what they will be doing. We have a picnic together followed by some end-of-summer fun, and Grandma Beth always has a bag of back-to-school essentials customized for each student and teacher! It is really fun! This year in addition to our regular school-goers, my aunt, cousins, and cousins' kids came to celebrate with us! 

Claire wore her new back-to-school dress that we ordered from Smackadot Kids.
Claire will be starting the 4 year old preschool program at our school this fall! She saw her classroom and met her teacher last week. She is SO excited!
I created a back-to-school vignette complete with cupcakes and the back-to-school goodie bags from Grandma!
These are the goodie bags Grandma Beth had ready for everyone!

We had a picnic of sandwiches, corn on the cob, salads, chips, beans, watermelon, iced tea, lemonade, and cupcakes for dessert! 

After we ate, Grandma did a little back-to-school speech and announced each student/teacher's name and what their education plans were for this fall...

Oliver will be starting preschool and returning to daycare.

He was excited to dive into his goodies. He got pencils, Kleenex, Smarties candy (he, he), crayons, scissors, a glue stick, a "teacher's pet" bracelet, and my favorite - big boy underwear!!
Nicky will be starting Kindergarten this fall! He said that he heard in Kindergarten you need to know how to add 14+9! Serious stuff, I tell ya!

Tanner will be starting 3rd grade this year!

Jake will be starting 4th grade!

Marco will also be starting 4th grade.

Some of the boys looking at their treasures!

Hugh will be starting 4th grade too (sniff, sniff!)

Anthony will be starting high school - 9th grade! I still can not believe this!

 Doug has an intense college schedule this fall!

Cherie will be returning to teach 2nd grade.

Ryan will be returning to his position of teaching high school English.
His goodie bag included an air freshener. My mom taught high school for 30 years. She said by the end of the day you need an air freshener in your classroom! Ryan agreed! Hysterical!!

My goodie bag included Kleenex, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, an ice pack, Post-It notes, eye glass wipes, red pens, and Tension Tamer herbal tea! My mom is so darn creative and totally in tune to me and what teachers in general need! Love that woman!!
I will be returning to my position as Creative Arts teacher for grades PreK through 5th.
(I have the best job!!)

Following the presentation, we dove into some end-of-summer fun starting with a wagon ride!

Then paddle boating and fishing at the pond!

                                          And of course, catching frogs!!                                                       

 All parties at Boppa and Grandma's house, no matter the occasion, include horseback riding....

A little baseball...

 We ended the special day with a show....
some interpretive dance by Claire...

...and jokes from comedian, Marco!

Would you just look at all these beautiful children!!!
It was such a great day! So good to see my cousins and their kids! So good to have all our kids get to know each other better! And my mom and aunt got to enjoy seeing their kids' kids together!
It was a perfect "one last hurrah" for the summer and the perfect celebration of the importance of continuing our education! 

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  1. Love this celebration! The air freshener was a nice touch, and hilarious that the adults got gift bags too...haha! I hope you have a wonderful first day of school!