Tuesday, September 10, 2013

eShakti Fall Line

Early last spring I was asked by the clothing company, eShakti if I would do a review of their products. It was such a privilege (and just so stinkin' fun!!) to choose an item of my choice from their website, wear it around a bit, and then write a review of it. See HERE.

I chose this dress...

I got TONS, I mean TONS of compliments on it and many, "Where did you get that?" inquiries!
I was excited to tell people about this company I had discovered and let people know you can send your measurements and have your piece CUSTOM MADE!! Seriously!! In addition to the custom sizing option, you can also have custom styling done as well! You can choose the skirt length and different sleeve options too! See below...
#Customization. #customstyle, #customsize, #eShakti.com

Since I got this dress and did the blog review on it, I ordered another....

I wore it for Easter morning.

I am so excited eShakti has just asked me to do another review of their company and their products! I was able to choose an item from their new fall collection. This is what I ordered...

Polka Dot A-Line Dresses, Chiffon Print Retro DressesChiffon Georgette Dresses,Polka Dot Print Dresses

I can't wait to get it! One amazing thing about eShakti is their turnaround time. The first dress I ordered from them came to my front door exactly one week after I placed the order! Where else can you order a custom made piece of clothing and have it delivered in a matter of days?!?!
Pretty impressive, right?

Sooo...after I placed this order. I couldn't help but continue to "window shop" through their site at the rest of their fall line and.....you guessed it, I placed another order!! I had a gift card so I was able to get another item without feeling the guilt!

This is a sampling of some of their fall items....
I ordered the purple, black, and gray ponte dress on the far right.

And do you see what that says up there in orange?!?!
for a limited time!
AND....if you are a new customer, you can sign up on their site and get $25 off your first order too!
Yay! Don't miss out on this amazing offer!

Stay tuned to Sister-Dipity as well!
 Later this month I will be doing a review of the newest items I have ordered!
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