Sunday, October 6, 2013

39 Breast Cancer Awareness Projects

Our small town celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a BIG way! This is the second year that my students have participated by creating PINK projects that will be hung in the store windows around our town. I did a PINKtober post last fall {see HERE} and have seen it repinned on Pinterest like crazy the last few weeks. Hopefully these projects I am about to share here will be just as inspirational to people looking to do their own PINK projects for such an important cause.

All these projects were done by children between the ages of 6 and 12. We brainstormed ideas, I provided them with guidelines and a due date, and then allowed them to complete their projects at home. I was so impressed with the projects that came in! BEAUTIFUL! I am also so impressed with the enthusiasm from my students and the support from their parents. We really do live in an amazing little community! I had 156 projects turned in, and I am just sharing a few of them here with you today. Okay, here we go.....

This one is a candle holder made by a 5th grader. She included a battery operated candle inside!

A beautiful wreath made by a 2nd grader!

The large ribbon is wrapped in pink tulle.

I love the children's handwriting on these projects! Just precious!

 This cowboy boot was spray painted pink and says "Stomp out Cancer!"

A pink ribbon topiary!

This is a scarf made of felt squares with fabric paint words such as "hope, cure, strength, and love" all over it. Very creative!

So sweet!

A real working clock!

Yarn wrapped cardboard letters! So pretty!

This is the back of this shirt. The front has the little artist's name on it in pink sparkly letters.

This one has pink curling ribbon all over it and the word "Hope" spelled out in bright pink beads!
It is huge too - at least 3 feet tall! Very pretty project!

This one is decorated in tons of glitter, gems, and pearls!

This is the one my son Hugh made. He wrote "Hope, Courage, Strength, Love" all over a blank canvas in a fine point sharpie pen. He then used a sponge paint brush to paint over the words in pink. He added the ribbon with glue dots, added the heart with glue dots, and he wrote "Hope" on the ribbon to finish it. I was proud of him and he had a WONDERFUL time making it!

So creative!

This one was made by a 5th grader and is based on the song by Sara Bareilles, "Brave."
You can hear the song and see the video for it HERE.
Though the song is really about putting yourself out there, having confidence, and allowing you to be who you are, I am so impressed that this student took the song and used it as inspiration for her PINKtober project. The words, "I Want to See You Be Brave" are powerful and meaningful as well!
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