Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot and October's Glory

My sister, Cherie asked me to come over and take photos of her little dolly.....
Lydia Louise! Lydia is now 6 months old and needed a 6 month photo session done. Cherie envisioned fall leaves for this photo shoot. We had so much fun taking pictures outdoors but ended up with pictures of more than just this cutie pie....

 It was a beautiful October day...

We got several cute shots of the little pumpkin...

These photos were taken in my sister's front yard. We then decided to take a walk down the little dirt road near her house to get some pictures of Lydia where there were more fallen leaves.
My sister, Baby Lydia, and nephew, Nicholas along with myself and my three munchkins and Cherie's dog, Morgan, headed out on a beautiful fall afternoon walk.

The trees were absolutely G O R G E O U S!!!

The further we walked, the more excited I got. The leaves, the sunshine, the quiet was so peaceful yet invigorating all at the same time! 
We got some precious shots of Lydia in the leaves...

Would you just look at those cheeks?? Don't you just wanna smooch them?!?!

Lydia was the center of attention with big brother and cousins tossing leaves into the air around her!
I was able to get this nice shot of my own three darlings in the gorgeous leaves. It would make a great Christmas card this year, right?  Yup. Except that is not our dog. My little Oliver had been leading Morgan around on her leash and he insisted she sit down with him. She is such a good dog and just snuggled in with my kids! 
My nephew, Nicholas, whom my sister affectionately refers to as her "little stinker" cooperated long enough for a couple of great snapshots too! Stinker, maybe, but beautiful boy nonetheless!
Lydia thought we were all crazy and had had enough!

While it was just intended to be a photo shoot for Lydia, it ended up being a fun fall adventure that resulted in making memories and basking in God's beauty, otherwise known as October in Michigan!


Cherie got these great shots of me and my babes on the way back to the house!
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