Saturday, October 26, 2013

Felt Jack o' Lanterns for Kid Fun

Last year my friend Tracey and I made these felt Christmas trees for the kids to decorate. We had them in our homes for our own kids and then at school for students too.
My students LOVED it so much that I ended up doing a Valentine's Day Tic-Tac-Toe game for my classroom too...
Still have lots of felt....
So I quickly whipped up a couple of pumpkins to hang in my classroom too...
I made tons of different eyes, noses, mouths, and leaves for the stem.
These are two of my dear friends and Young 5s students, Lilly and Brody...

I hung the pumpkins on my classroom wall using the same Velcro command strips that I used for Valentine's Day and Christmas. It works so good and really does hold them up.

Brody is really into mustaches right now! Every art project he's done for me lately has included a mustache! He is so funny! I just love this kid!
The kids all enjoyed changing out the facial features to make their pumpkin show different emotions!
Look at precious Lilly! I love how her outfit goes along with the activity too! Ha!
Who knew felt could be so fun?!?! Ah...the possibilities are endless!
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