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Werewolfs, Farmers, and Purple Butterflies

Happy Halloween Halloween Costumes for Kids
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Last year we had Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, and Turtleman!

Another year has gone by and I can't believe how much they've grown! *sniff, sniff*
Claire (4 1/2) is a purple butterfly this year. This purple dress was a hand-me-down from our sweet neighbor girls, Kalee and Kacee who ALWAYS know what Claire will love! The first time she saw it she put it right on and danced around the room! The purple dress gave us the idea for her costume this year.

We added a purple long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, leggings, and her purple Sketcher's boots. I found some pretty blue and purple wings at Joann Fabrics. We then sprayed her hair with silver glitter spray. She is quite a sparkly butterfly!

My Oliver (3) wanted to drive a tractor so I gave him a choice: Oliver tractor or John Deere? He LOVES John Deere but chose Oliver! I was so glad. That is what I wanted him to be! I used a copy paper box to make this costume. I spray painted it green and added burlap ribbon for straps to hold it up. He wore denim overalls, a green plaid shirt and a green tractor hat!

I added a tab of green cardboard to the back with a hole in it. Hitches are very important to him!
I added a flap of cardboard to hold the steering wheel (which was removed from his real ride-on John Deere tractor. It pops on and off!) I then stuck a yellow flash light in the top of the tractor for the smoke stack. He can actually turn it on and it will light his tractor from within. Perfect for trick-or-treating in the dark!  After I took these pictures I added the real Oliver tractor logo that I printed off Google images in color. I'll show you those pictures soon too!

And then there's Hugh...
His Halloween costumes through the years have been...
newborn - pumpkin
age 1 - raccoon
age 2 - pile of leaves carrying a rake (so stinkin' cute!)
age 3 - puppy dog (wore the costume all year long, right on through Easter)
age 4 - puppy dog again - he LOVED this costume! It had a button to push in the
                                                               paw to make it bark!
age 5 - cowboy
age 6 - Super Hugh (with a personalized cape - so cool!)
age 7 - cowboy again
age 8 - Billy the Exterminator
age 9 - Turtleman (from Animal Planet)
This year - age 10 - werewolf
*sigh* We went from pumpkin to werewolf.....where does the time go?  Feeling nostalgic.
Anyway, he had a hard time deciding what he was going to be this year. We tossed around a few ideas and then one night, after spending the evening at a pumpkin patch, we were on our way to Walmart. The entire car ride he debated what he might be. He finally said, "I don't know, mom. I'll leave it up to you." I said, "Fine. You will be Little Miss Muffet." His sister laughed and laughed hysterically. He didn't think it was so funny. I said, "Hugh, we are on our way to Walmart right now. Why don't you look around at the costumes there to get some ideas."
Well, he found lots of scary, gory masks he fell in love with. (UGH!) We settled on this werewolf mask which at least is an actual thing instead of just a random, scary mask with eyeballs hanging out. I then got him a plain brown thermal shirt, and I bought a small chunk of brown fur material from Joann Fabrics. I cut the fur in half and pinned it at one end so he could slide his hands through. He looks scary and he loves it. I'm glad he's happy!

No photos yet of me and daddy but I will share some soon. I am going to be Super Mom! Pink cape and everything! And daddy went to work today dressed as a lumberjack. He looked awesome! Hopefully he will allow me to take pictures before the day is done!
Hope you all have a safe, happy Halloween with your families!

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