Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gingerbread Fun!

You may remember I shared with you HERE about our Christmas countdown. There is a little "surprise" in each little stocking. One of the days last week said, "Let's make gingerbread houses!"
We had 3 very excited children.....and one-slightly-grumpy-but-still-willing-to-give-it-a-try-because-the-mama-insisted-dad!
Being the frazzled working mom that I am, I cheated a bit! I got gingerbread kits. Thank you, Walmart! I did buy additional frosting and decorations to supplement the kits though!
Hugh got a gingerbread house, Claire got a pink Hello Kitty gingerbread house, and Oliver got a gingerbread train.
I gave a little demonstration speech on how to assemble them and how to make the decorations stick and then I let them at it! They had a blast!!
In addition to decorating, there may have been a little tasting going on too!
Daddy got into the spirit of things and seemed to actually have fun too!

Oliver took his job very seriously...

Like I said, there may have been a little tasting going on...

And there we have it! Three precious babes with their three gingerbread masterpieces...

Store bought or homemade - it didn't matter. What mattered was the time we spent together being creative and making memories. It was a really fun evening!

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