Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas Bedroom

I am so excited to share my bedroom with you - all decorated for Christmas! Come on in...
 Earlier this fall I gave you a sneak peek of my bedroom when I showed you my beautiful white bed HERE. I completely intended to show you the entire bedroom shortly thereafter but....well, life got busy! I did find time to decorate my bedroom/mom cave for Christmas and shoot some photos of it to share now! I must warn you though - this post is quite photo heavy! Lots of pics! Also, I used 3 different cameras to take the snapshots. I am not the best photographer so I apologize ahead of time!

 This bench is incredibly special to me! It was where Ryan and I shared our first kiss in June of 1994. Can you believe it? At the time it was at Ryan's parent's pond with the legs of it buried into the ground. On our 10th wedding anniversary, Ryan brought it home to me. So romantic! When I did this bedroom makeover I begged Ryan to cut the legs down a bit so I could put it in our room. The whole theme of the room to me when redecorating it was clean, white, relaxing, shabby chic, sentimental, and romantic. The bench is the exact length of the bed and PERFECT for our room!
The furry rug in front of it is from Target.

The bedroom is usually just the different shades of white but I added little pops of red for Christmas!

This W pillow is burlap. I got it from the Etsy shop - Next Door to Heaven. Oh, how I love their items! It is lovely and shabby chic and perfect for my room! Check out the other gorgeous items in their shop HERE.
(Just a little heads-up, folks! Next Door to Heaven is going to do a giveaway here on Sister-Dipity in the near future! Keep checking in to see!!)
 This ladder I got from Prism Antiques in Midland, MI. I LOVE their shop. They have such an eye for treasures and are so good at giving old stuff the right TLC and making things fabulous again!
The ladder was originally 12 feet tall and green. I actually really liked it the way it was but making it go to our ceiling and having it white like the rest of the room was what I had in mind sooo....Ryan cut a few feet off the top (we kept it, don't worry!) and I painted over the green and then roughed it up a bit with sand paper. The green still peeks through in places. I use the ladder (as you can see) to hang extra blankets.
I purchased these two burlap Christmas stockings from Amazon! Yes, Amazon! Can you believe it? I hung them from the top rung of the ladder and put some fresh greenery sticking out of the top of each stocking! I love how it turned out. Ryan always gets in the Christmas spirit - and romantic too- on Christmas Eve! So tomorrow night we are going to open our stockings together. Each of us is putting a few little special treasures in the stockings for each other. Just the two of us - our own private little Christmas. Fingers crossed we can get the kids to bed!  
ALL the greenery you see in these photos is real and smells SO good!
 This dresser is incredibly special to me. Remember I said I wanted my room to be sentimental? Well, this is part of that! This dresser was my mom's when she was a growing up and I even remember it being in my grandmother's house when I was a little girl. I love it and can't imagine refinishing it, painting it, or changing it in any such way.
The mirror was a $2.00 garage sale find. I painted it white and roughed it up with sandpaper so the original gold shown through here and there. The white dresser tray was mine as a child. It was originally gold but again, I painted it white and roughed it up a bit!

This little angel was a gift from one of my colleagues a few years back. I knew she'd be perfect here! I stuck a little fresh greenery underneath her!
And these buttons....well, this jar of buttons was the inspiration for my bedroom to begin with! I found it for $5.00 at our local antique store. It was filled with white and cream buttons. LOVE!
I used this crystal bowl on my dresser too to hold white and cream "vase fillers" from TJ Maxx. I added this red and green glob of Christmas on top. It was the "bow" on a gift from my grandmother years ago. She always added such lovely little things to gifts and cards. It is special to me! You can also see off to the left side of the bowl a little tumbleweed. Yes, tumbleweed. My friend Tracey laughed and laughed at this. My little Claire and I thought the field of whispy, purple tumbleweed at grandma and grandpa's was so pretty this fall that we brought some home!

 This little Christmas tree was an after-Christmas find at a local shop. It had white lights on it and I added a white pearl garland (Hobby Lobby,) feathery white snowflakes (dollar store,) and pine cones and little red berries (just had them hanging around!)

This door leads to our master bathroom and then on to our walk-in closet. It has the "always kiss me good-night" hanging over the door and hanging mistletoe underneath just seemed obvious!  I got this mistletoe with the crystal hanging beneath it from Bronners in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

This little table was a find from our antique store. It was ugly. It really was. It was brown with a huge orangeish flower painted in the middle. I repainted it and strengthened the hardware on all 4 legs. I then got this "Dream" bucket for 50% at Hobby Lobby. Since the table does not have a drawer on it, I needed a little extra storage space for bedside belongings. This works! The little cloche in the right picture was a treasure I found at the Midland Antique Festival this last summer. It came with the white, chippy bird in it! I won a $100 in a trivia game sponsored by the festival! I treated myself to this (among a few other little treasures!) I added fresh greenery under the bird to winterize it!
 The photo is one of our engagement pictures! young, so in love.
I also have Ryan's senior picture on the table. It has been in this crystal frame on my nightstand since I left for college years ago! The little tabletop lamp on the side was a birthday gift from Ryan years ago!
We have this one window in our bedroom. I got these white curtains from Target. I made the  tiebacks by using some burlap from a roll purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then made these little rosettes-3 on each tieback. You can find the directions for making these HERE. I used buttons for the middle each of one. The buttons were from that jar of buttons I got from the antique store!
The curtain rod is a branch of wood from our family hunting property. The rod holders were a $5.00 find in a big barn filled with junk treasures! My sister and I found them this past summer. I wasn't sure I would use them (or what I would use them for) but for $5.00 I took a risk and I'm glad I did. 
 The chandelier was originally hanging in our dining room. Out with the ceiling fan, in with the chandelier! It is on a dimmer switch and adds to the romantic atmosphere! 
Oh, how I love this room! When the rest of my house is a mess with toys, shoes, and papers this space is a calming, relaxing "get-away" that I only have to go down the hall to enjoy! I had no idea how much I NEEDED this bedroom make-over. It has really been a soothing place for me to find some alone time to make lists, enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and visit with God.
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  1. I don't know how you do it! Can you teach a class on how to be organized and creative at the same time! Love the bedroom!