Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

Recently Gallamore West had posted the following question to her Facebook Page...

Does Santa wrap the gifts or are they left unwrapped?

Hmmm.....It was so interesting to me to read through the responses. I thought, "Of course he wraps the gifts!" I have never known any different. Evidently that is not the way he does it for every family!

Some of the responses to this question were just like I was thinking, "Of course he wraps them!" Others said things like  "No! Everything is left unwrapped, out of packages, ready to play with!" and "One big gift from Santa is wrapped. Everything else is left unwrapped." Or the other way around - "Everything from mom and dad is wrapped but the gifts from Santa are left unwrapped."
A couple other responses said something like, "I have to leave them unwrapped. I just couldn't have one more thing to hide (the wrapping paper) at Christmas" and "I am too worried that the kids would find the wrapping paper from Santa before Christmas."
Wow! This is all new to me! I had no idea Santa did things differently at different houses!
I do things just like my mom did for us as we were growing up.  I have three children. Each child's gifts are wrapped. And each child has their own wrapping paper. Yup! It's true. I pick out special paper for each child and all of their gifts are wrapped in that paper. I wrap them all ahead of time (before Christmas Eve) and hide them well! I also always have their names printed in big letters on printable sticky labels. As I wrap, my husband sticks a label on each gift. The kids come out on Christmas morning and find all the presents under the tree and quickly come to learn which wrapped gifts belong to them! This year I am doing the label thing a little differently. I'm still doing labels but rather than printing them myself, I found some super cute and very affordable personalized labels that I could have the child's name put on with "From Santa" already on them too!
I got them from Current. Here they are...
A little snazzier than I usually do!
There are 15 of us - 3 girls, our husbands, and our children - in my family now and my mom still follows this plan! Are you wondering what we do with the leftover wrapping paper? We usually use it again some other year (the kids don't remember) or every couple years, my sister and I have a top-secret wrapping paper swap and we switch leftover paper! Shhhhhh!
For me, having the gifts wrapped just adds to the excitement and anticipation - for the kids AND mom and dad! We take turns opening gifts - one person at a time. I love to see each child's reaction to each gift. I don't want to miss a thing!
How about you? Do you wrap or leave unwrapped?
Do you have any special traditions you do as far as the gift wrap goes? Do you all dive into the presents or do you take turns and do it slowly?
I'd love to hear!


  1. I do it the way my mom did it growing up too - Santa's gifts are NEVER wrapped! I didn't know it was different for other people until a couple of years ago. The kids know those are from Santa, and they dive in. Luckily I only have 2 and its not hard to see every reaction b/c they are young and go through them slowly. Then all the wrapped gifts are from us or family members and have the tags to let them know who they came from.

    1. Thanks for sharing your traditions, Abbey! I love to hear about how other people do it! Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!