Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013

I thought I'd do a quick recap of Sister-Dipity in 2013!
Here are the top 10 - most viewed posts from this past year...
(Click on the title of each to be redirected to that post.)
10. Clutter Free Christmas - On this post I shared 86 gift ideas that don't add to a loved one's existing clutter!
9. 6 Tips for Decluttering with Kids - Evidently decluttering is a hot topic because again, readers were eager to check out the 6 tips I've found that help me to declutter even with 3 busy muchkins around!
8. Easy Mexican Dip Recipe - This recipe is an easy, yet crowd pleasing dish that is made with only 3 ingredients and the microwave! Try this one tonight for an easy New Year's Eve dish!
 7. Our Great Wolf Lodge Adventure - Not sure how this made the top 10 but it was exciting. Our fun family get-away turned into scary memories for the 5 of us! Almost a year later, our kids still remember this weekend as "the time the truck spinned and spinned!" Ugh!
6. Master Bedroom Makeover - a Teeny  Glimpse - This past summer I gave my bedroom a fresh makeover. In the fall I gave a "sneak peek" of my room before I had all the details finished.
5. 39 Breast Cancer Awareness Projects - On this post, I shared with you some AMAZING art projects my students did for our town's PINKtober Breast Cancer Awareness month celebration. This post continues to be a hot pin on Pinterest - almost every day!

4. Baked Ham Sandwich Recipe - An easy, delicious recipe using Hawaiian rolls (my hubby's favorite!) This isn't just any sandwich - it is a hot sandwich with a scrumptious drizzle over the top! Yum!
3. Violet & Poppies Sewing Room Makeover - My friend Angie from Violet & Poppies: Handmade Waldorf Dolls, shared her sewing room makeover! It was a great post to start with in 2013. Her sewing room is beautiful and functional as well. If you haven't seen it, go check it out!
2. Apple Butterscotch Cocktail - Holy cow! This recipe is ON FIRE on Pinterest! It is being pinned every. single. day.  It is so yummy! Though we usually reserve apple cider indulgences for the fall season, this cocktail is a weekly treat at our house. We have been making the recipe hot and it is a real wintery day warmer-upper!

1. Hugh's 10th Birthday Basketball Bash - The #1 post from 2013, was the post I shared about Hugh's 10th birthday. When I reflect back on the year, this party was actually a highlight for our entire family. It was such a fun celebration with so many of our family and friends! A fantastic way to kick off the summer! I LOVED being so creative with the basketball theme and probably am not going to be able to out-do myself again next year! This post is also a hottie on Pinterest - pinned daily!
What a great year! Excited to see what 2014 will bring!

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