Monday, March 31, 2014

Sister-Dipity Designs - A New Adventure!

I have a {fairly} new hobby! I have started making jewelry!

Mostly necklaces...

My niece, Lydia



....but some bracelets too...
I started posting them on my personal Facebook page and before I even wrote "for sale" I was getting messages from friends wondering if I was selling them. Well, I can't keep them all so I did start selling them. I had ordered chunky bubblegum necklaces for my daughter in the past and she and I both loved them. I examined them closely, watched a couple YouTube videos, and subscriped to the magazine, "Bead-it Today."

 I was bold (I figured I had nothing to lose) and I emailed some shop owners on Etsy and asked them where they got their supplies and how they attached specific adornments that I really liked. These shop owners were so GREAT! They all emailed me back, were very helpful, and were very encouraging! The crafting world is truly a world of lovely people!
I have now ordered supplies from several companies but have one main one that I use the most. They are very reasonably priced and have extremely fast shipping! (I am also addicted to the jewelry-making departments at Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics!)
When I first got started, I was a bit discrouaged (and surprised) to realize this is not so easy. I spent a good week or two just staring at my supplies. I would arrange some beads and then rearrange some beads and finally just scoop them all up and put them all away. It was not easy to get in jewelry designer mode. But when I did....well, I was hooked!

I would see beads and different color combinations when I closed my eyes!
My necklaces sales and orders started pouring in! It all got so big so fast!! I have now named my little business, "Sister-Dipity Designs." I have a business Facebook page now that can be found HERE. Come on over, see what I've posted, and "Like" my page!  I might have just what you need for a special Easter basket or a gift for Mother's Day!
I now have business cards and a big display of all my work in my home! (Photos of the display to come later!) With tons of encouragement from my amazing husband and dear friends, I am going to attend a Mom-to-Mom sale in two weeks! It is said to be the largest Mom-to-Mom sale in the state! Hoping I do well there! I will keep you posted!
I am a little BEAD crazy!!

It is such a great feeling to see someone wearing one of my necklaces or bracelets! And I love the smiles on little girls when they get their own special necklace!


Come check it out!!

Sister-Dipity Designs

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