Monday, March 3, 2014


We know all about Scrapbooking....but have you heard of "Smashbooking?"
The "Smash" book idea came from K & Company in 2011 (I believe.) It is a simplified way to scrapbook while adding little bits of things that are special to you such as newspaper clippings, quotes, receipts, ticket stubs, etc. The K & C Company offers blank books to start with but I began with a regular ol' composition notebook.  

I gathered 3 pages at a time and taped them along the edge with washi tape. I love the color and pattern it immediately gave it!
I then decorated the cover using scrapbook paper and little card inserts meant for scrapbooking.
I printed little things that I love off the computer. These little things included inspirational quotes, Bible verses, and poetry. I went to my Pinterest boards named: "Ahhh" and "Mom Cave" for some of my favs! I also went through my scrapbook/craft materials and gathered some fun stickers and patterned paper. I purchased the K & C Company gluestick/pen. It is really cool! One end is a gluestick and the other end is the black pen - easy to glue stuff on and write stuff down. I also used sticky tabs (like I use for scrapbooks.)

I also included cards from loved ones, hand-written notes from my kids, and clippings from bulletins at church - little things I had tucked away that can now have a home!


I keep my book and all my materials right here in a white basket. It is housed behind my rocking glider in my "mom cave" (in my bedroom.) I pull it out when I have something I want to keep or jot down to remember. I also pull it all out when I just need a little creative outlet!

My scrapbooks are something that I do for our family. Smashbooks are something I do for me. Scrapbooks have meaningful photos and items for all of us while the smashbook contains "all about me" details! It is a very personal place. One section of it is my ongoing "Attitude of Gratitude" list. Another area has prayers from my heart straight to God himself.

My smashbook is an on-going project. It is definitely the kind of project where "the journey" is more important than "the destination." I wouldn't expect that I would ever consider it "done." I may feel there is no more room, in which case I will begin another. 
If you are interested in starting a Smashbook. Here is what you need...
1. a book of some sort - I used a composition notebook
but you could purchase a Smashbook from one of the places I've listed below
2. a pen or fine tip marker
3. sticky tabs and /or gluestick
4. little sentimental mementos
Here are some great places to find Smashbooks, accessories, and the gluestick pens...
I have included a great YouTube Video to help you too...

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  1. I love the smashbooks! My 7 year old daughter has one that she doodles in, writes about special events, and whatever. I have been wanting to start one of my own... Thanks for the idea with the Composition book! I think I'll try that out!