Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Shabby Chic Craft Show Display

I shared with you recently how I have begun making jewelry. I named my little business, "Sister-Dipity Designs" to go along with my blog-sweet-blog here! I SO enjoy creating beautiful things! I NEED to create beautiful things! Having a creative outlet helps me to be a better wife, mom, teacher, sister, daughter, housekeeper, etc.
It feeds my soul, I tell ya!
It became clear that my jewelry making addiction hobby was going to provide me and my little Claire (5) with a plethora of beautiful items to wear but.....we certainly don't need to keep them all. My Facebook shop along with local orders have kept me busy, but I decided to take my show on the road! With the support of my amazing, loving husband, I made my public debut of Sister-Dipity Designs last weekend by attending the Birch Run Mom2Mom Sale. I am told it is the largest Mom2Mom sale in the state of Michigan. They only allow a handful of "handmade"sellers and you have to register well ahead of time to have a chance to be accepted! I got the confirmation email, and I was in! I thought I'd share some pictures of my booth with you! I LOVE how it turned out!
I purchased several old crates at the local antique store and from a junk treasure dealer! I used them to add height to the display and to add function as they held cup hooks and S hooks for displaying the necklaces.
I purchased the mannequin/bust from Country Door. I really wanted one to be able to display my longer pieces. The ladder is the top of a ladder I had bought for my bedroom. See HERE. I had wanted the ladder to fit perfectly from my floor to ceiling so my husband cut the extra length to shorten it. This is the "extra" he cut off. I was so thrilled to be able to put it to use! It worked great for this purpose and fit right in with my whole "shabby-chic" display!
That big tablecloth is a photography backdrop. I actually used it the day before to take photos of my niece and cousin's little girl too! It fit this 8 foot table P E R F E C T L Y!
 See that turquoise table mirror? I purchased it for $15.00 from Country Door too. I actually did have a couple customers who tried the necklaces on and used the mirror to check length. The red finial was a Hobby Lobby purchase long ago. It also worked good for a couple longer necklaces. The red thing next to it is a candle holder that I repainted and roughed up a bit. It worked great as a holder too. Again, these two red things added height and visual interest. You can see my red chevron table runner across the table cloth. This was a purchase last year from GroopDealz, I believe. I sure have used it a lot!
Gosh! I didn't realize this picture was so blurry until now! Sorry 'bout that, folks! the upper left hand corner you can see my old red toolbox insert. It worked great for holding some of the chunky bead necklaces I had made for little ladies! 
I purchased several necklace display stands and one bracelet stand from Walmart for about $6.00 each and from a shop on eBay for about the same price. It was nice to be able to showcase a few of the items this way. The turquoise tray in the center of this photo was also a Hobby Lobby purchase from a year or two ago.
The print in the red frame says, "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls." This is a quote from Audrey Hepburn. I have always loved this quote. I ordered the print from this Etsy shop, Honeypixels.I had considered just making one and printing it myself, but I have had some printer issues recently so I thought, "what the heck!" and just went ahead and ordered it! I'm so glad I did! The paper it is printed on is such high quality paper! And the ink is vibrant and flawless! I love it! The frame was just an old, cheap frame that I spray painted red quite a few months ago! I loved the whole turquoise-with-red-look I had going here!
I had one man walk by my table and linger longer than his wife who had moved on. (Picture it - This was a man probably in his 60s with a white beard walking a few steps behind his wife.) He kept standing there looking at everything....I smiled at him. He smiled back. Eventually he said, "I like your display! (with hands gesturing to it all) I love how you used the crates and the ladder....and the colors!" :)
 Ha! Love it!
The first hour of the sale I was a bit nervous...not much happenin' but then the second hour.....Well, things really picked up! So much so that I can easily use the word "swamped" there for a while. Whew! I felt I couldn't answer questions, wrap and bag items, or make change fast enough. I would definitely say the sale was a success! So glad I went! And a HUGE shout-out to my hubby who insisted on going with me! What a man! He hauled everything in for me. He hauled everything out when the sale was over. Each time a customer came near the table, he hopped up, said "hello" and began helping them make a selection! Really, he did! My sports-loving, hunting, fishing, manly-man sold my beautiful necklaces like a regular 'ol salesman! SO in love with that guy! I took a picture of him there too but he insisted I not share it with the world. He's gotta draw the line somewhere!
This mom2mom sale does not allow any signs promoting a business so I did not use my banner. I did, however, give out lots of business cards! I have had a couple custom orders since the sale, and I have had more and more visits to my Facebook page since then as well! 
Here is a picture of my banner...
(Not the greatest picture! Sorry about that!)
I told my husband afterwards that even though the sale was fun and a success, favorite part is creating! I suggested maybe he be in charge of sales and I'll just sit at my little table with the window open and the birds singing, drinking my hazelnut coffee, making pretty things! Ahhh...
"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit."
-John Updike

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