Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fairy Gardens

Happy April!!
We are just recovering from a grueling winter that seemed never-ending,
and I don't know if I have ever been so thrilled to welcome spring!
I have the perfect SPRING inspiration for you today!
Last spring, my little Claire and I thought it would be fun to create a fairy garden in a secret corner of our backyard. I bought this book, Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden by Julie Bawden Davis and Beverly Turner. Claire bookmarked almost every page in the book showing me different things she wanted to do!
This is the "secret" corner of the house. See why we thought it needed some magic?
We ordered two little fairy houses from Hearth Song. They can be found HERE.

We read and reread the book and searched online for ideas. It seems there is a whole fairy gardening world out there!
I never knew.

We got these low planters - black and plastic - from Home Depot's garden section. We filled them with soil and put a house in each one. We added tiny succulents for the plants around the house. We got a strip of back splash tile like this...
photo via Home Depot
....to use as a little walkway up to each little house. It worked great and was inexpensive - about $3.00 for each strip. This was my sister's idea! Thank you, Aunt Cherie! We also bought moss that we layered on top of the soil to act as the lawn and pebbles to decorate with too! 
You can see in the picture below a big wooden stump. This was just a huge chunk of wood from Boppa's woodpile. We added a fairy door and windows that we got from Hearth Song too. We hammered a little nail into each spot on the stump and then were able to hang the windows and door from the nails.
You can also see the little "white picket fence" along the back. That is lawn edging we bought very cheap from Home Depot. We hung little flower lights along the white fence. A small solar panel sits on top of the stump and at night the lights come on. The solar powered flower lights were purchased at Walgreens for under $10.00.

 This horrible picture is my bedroom window. The kids loved peeking out the window each night all summer to see if the lights were on. They would approach the window with whispering voices and we'd hear quiet gasps as they realized the lights were on which meant the fairies were there!! It was all very exciting and never got old! They enjoyed it the WHOLE summer! (Note: We did not add fairy figurines to our garden. We only created a little village for them. They visited at night! You know, the whole "if you build it, they will come" thing!)

Throughout the summer we picked up little fairy-like things that we came across (that were weather-proof) to add to our little village. We got a little bench, a teeny-tiny bird bath, a tiny garden swing, and a little arbor. One morning we went out there and were surprised to find a teeny tiny bicycle! One of the fairies must have been riding bikes in the night and left it on the walkway of the little mushroom house!

Claire LOVED showing off her magical fairy garden and eagerly took visitors out to see it all summer. This is our cousin, Addie looking at it! She was really intrigued! It is very magical!

We found this garden stone at Dollar General!
We are so excited to continue to grow our fairy garden village this year and add more little details! Several weeks ago we picked up a little wishing well from Hobby Lobby. Claire is anxiously waiting for all that snow to finally melt so she can get out there and spruce up her fairy village again!
Shhhh.....I think the Easter Bunny may be bringing a few fairy garden surprises to her Easter basket too!   


Below are some great resources for finding fairy garden items and ideas... 
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot
Linking Up HERE 


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