Saturday, February 28, 2015

March is Reading Month ~ Door Decorating

I am a Creative Arts teacher in an elementary of grades Young 5s through 6th grade. I am also the March is Reading Month coordinator for our building. I have had this position for many years now. Each year every classroom decorates their door based on a specific book or author. They are SO good! The kids and adults alike love walking through the building checking out everyone's door!  Last year I asked my colleagues if I had their permission to share their creativity with my Sister-Dipity readers. I told them our creativity was just too good to keep to ourselves! We must share it with the world....or you know, Pinterest, at least!

This post is photo heavy and many pictures are just self explanatory so just enjoy....

Each child made an owl!

Each child colored a rainbow and a photo of their face was on the cloud!

Each child made a piece of candy to go with the door!

Each strawberry had a child's photograph on it! So sweet!

Each child drew a pigeon! So cute!

Lyle is our tech guy at our school and the office staff made this poster in honor of him!

This was my classroom door! This book is a HUGE favorite with my younger students. My Young 5s kids each made a shoe and their little school picture is on it!

Our paraprofessional staff did a door based on their favorite author, James Patterson! It was fun to see them share their love of reading with a popular adult author!

I am so excited to see what happens this year in our school for March is Reading Month!

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