Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas To-Do Lists

Are you beginning to think about all you have to do to get ready for the Christmas season? Maybe you have already started. I do not have a tree up, nor will I until the day after Thanksgiving, but I have been plugging away at my Christmas shopping list and have begun to think through all I need to do to make the holidays magical for my family. I thought I'd share my Christmas to-do lists with you. Perhaps my lists are similar to yours and this may help you out!

1. Put up tree
2. Put up kids' bedroom Christmas trees
3. Put up mini tree in kitchen
4. Decorate mantel
5. Hang garland in arch to living room
6. Outdoor lights and porch display
7. Clean and decorate my bedroom (aka mom cave for some Christmas season R & R - see HERE!)

Gift Giving
1. Finish Santa Claus shopping
2. Get stocking stuffers
3. Begin Santa shopping for hubby (He's always last! Poor guy!)
4. Staff Christmas gift exchange - $25 gift
5. Teacher gifts - for 3 teachers
6. Gift for classroom volunteer
7. Gifts for aunts, uncles, cousins
8. Grandparent gifts
9. Sunday school teacher gift
10. Sunday school friends gifts
11. Wrap EVERYTHING!! Gah!!

1. Order Christmas cards
2. Send out Christmas cards
3. Plan and organize Christmas countdown stockings (See HERE!)
4. Pull out all Christmas storybooks and movies
5. Plan Christmas morning menu
6. Make reservations for Christmas vacation trip (a nearby overnight trip for fun!)
7. Plan each child's Christmas Eve outfit
8. And what am I going to wear?!?!

In addition to my mom/wife Christmas to-dos, I am also an elementary creative arts teacher and will be having two Christmas programs with 400 students the second week of December. AND my daughter's birthday is December 10th soooo.....I HAVE to be organized ahead of time. I have begun to feel overwhelmed but having it all in list form helps. Though the list is long, my shopping is well underway and I feel good about it. Everything else will fall into place! It always does!

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