Monday, December 14, 2015

My Christmas Dinnerware Mix-up

My mom and my sister have Christmas dinnerware that they get out and use for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch, etc. I have always been envious of their special dishes. I want some. For years, I hadn't found any that I completely fell in love with though special Christmas dishes for me. I do always make the table Christmasy for the special occasion meals though but with paper and plastic! :)

Anyway, last year I came across a set of Christmas dishes I really liked while doing some online shopping. I really, really liked them.  A lot. I debated but didn't order them. I figured the cost I'd be spending on myself would be equivalent to the price of a very nice gift for one of my family members. These are the dishes I was admiring...

 222 Fifth Winter Cardinal, See HERE

This year I found them online again at So this year, Black Friday cyber week + free shipping + a coupon.....I did it. I ordered them. And I was SO excited! I kept checking the tracking information right up until I knew they were sitting on my front porch! As soon as I got home I tore into that big box. And found this....
222 Fifth Andover, See HERE

I was so bummed. So disappointed. I checked the packing slip. It was right. It said 222 Fifth Winter Cardinal and had the correct price. That's just not what they sent. I immediately got on the phone and called Target. I was on hold a very long time. I finally got to talk to someone...sort of. He wasn't terribly helpful. He was just like, "Ok. Send them back." I was like, "BUT....Target made this mistake!" He said, "Yeah, we'll pay for shipping. You'll have to get ahold of FedEx and have them pick it up though." This was happening the week of two big Christmas program productions (that I was in charge of) at my school, the week of my daughter's birthday party, two weeks before get the idea. The Target representative said they'd send the right set when I sent the wrong ones back. That sounds reasonable except that they took 8 days to arrive! I wasn't looking forward to messing with returning the huge, fragile box and then waiting another 8 days. In the midst of this conversation with the Target rep, we got disconnected. Seriously?!?! I let the whole thing go for a few hours while I concentrated on one of the two Christmas programs. Then I explained the whole dilemma to my husband who really doesn't care what we eat off from, as long as we eat. I showed him the photos online of what I had wanted and then showed him what I got. His response?! "I like these better." He then pointed out that there is a log cabin on the Andover set - like his parents have and a horse drawn sleigh - like my parents have. I really do like the Andover set - a lot...but it's just not what I had wanted. I then whined the whole story to my mom who said I needed to consider if it was worth it to go through the hassle of returning a set that both Ryan and I liked. We also discussed that the Andover set cost more than what I had originally ordered. She said some day I may want to give this set to one of my children and then I could get another set I really wanted. I also pointed out that the Andover set I could actually see and liked whereas the Winter Cardinal set I had only seen online - never in person. So, I'm keeping them. And I must say, I am getting excited about them now. The red on them is a deep, rustic red. I have decided to make a rustic sort of tablescape with them for our Christmas day brunch. Maybe something like this...

photo via
or this....

photo via

And some centerpiece inspiration here...

photo via

photo via

Target sending the wrong item, getting disconnected from the Target rep, the design reminding us of our parents, the fact that my husband loves the pattern....perhaps it's meant to be. I'm really disappointed in beloved Target....but I'll forgive them. In addition to being pretty, the dinnerware is heavy duty and may stand up okay to use by my children. I'm looking forward to our first festive meal with our new dinnerware. I'll share photos when it happens!


  1. ...and now I want to go shopping. At Target. But not online!
    Love them both, and I am certain your Christmas tablescape is going to be nothing less than gorgeous, rustic, Christmas perfection! Merry Christmas!

  2. Awe! Thank you, Brooke! Yes, I love Target but was disappointed in them this time. If I didn't live an hour away, I'd have returned them in person. That isn't possible with the hour drive and the hectic schedule I have between now and Christmas. Thank you for your kind words! Merry Christmas to you and yours!