About Me

I am a wife, mother of three, and an elementary school teacher. 

I am the daughter of two wonderful parents who provided me with so much growing up:  a pony, piano and dance lessons, memorable family vacations, silly sing-alongs on car rides, prayers together at dinner, popcorn and orange juice parties every Sunday night, and two younger sisters whom I consider two of my closest friends. They are amazing grandparents for my babies and my niece and nephews now too! They have set such a good example of what a good marriage should be. They are very generous and giving to everyone. I know I can always count on them.

My husband and I met in kindergarten but didn't began dating until two weeks after our high school graduation.  We have been together ever since.  We have had many adventures together, and I feel our marriage is continually changing, growing, and strengthening.  He is my best friend.

I have three children:  Hugh - 8 years old, Claire - 3 years old, and Oliver - 1 year old.  They keep me so busy but are a constant source of joy in my life.  Thanks to the three of them, I laugh every day.


I am a creative arts teacher (music, movement, art, and drama) at a public elementary school of about 450 students.  I see all 450 students in grades Young 5s through fourth grade.  I also teach music classes two mornings a week for our infant/toddler day care and our preschool day care children.  I love the enthusiasm children have for music and their natural curiosities with very few inhibitions.  I love encouraging them to be creative, take risks, and find what they are good at!  I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education with an emphasis in early childhood education.  I received a creative arts minor which includes music, dance, art, and drama.  I completed my master's degree in elementary education in 2006.

My husband, Ryan is a middle school teacher.  He also is a free lance writer for several outdoor publications as well as our local newspaper.  We both have our summers off so we pack June, July, and August with one fun family thing after another! 

Some other things about me...

I love... God, my family, my job, diet Coke, jewelry, Dove chocolates, dogs, scrapbooking, crafts, photography, movies, naps, music, fuzzy socks, dance, caramel mochas, "dates" with my kids, sunshiny days, Fridays, books, planning parties, shoes, baby feet, lavender, old hymns, Vermont, summer rainfalls, sticky tabs, my Cricut, camping, writing, wreaths, trying new recipes, Hobby Lobby, resting my head on my husband's chest, The Office, pay days, summer, rocking my babies, aqua, shopping, pedicures, school, a clean house, Olive Garden, gray sweaters, road trips, musicals, ribbon, spring, technology, flowers, scarves, children, Scrabble, paper, crisp clean sheets, bubble baths, tulle...

I am.. a Christian, creative, tired, short, intense, a hypochondriac, emotional, easily overwhelmed, busy, compassionate, a night owl, a pianist, near-sighted, sentimental, optimistic, not good at saying "no," an organizer, a multi-tasker, full of ideas, naturally curly (frizzy?),  a worrier, a hugger, in love, often in a hurry, a dreamer, a good listener, intuitive, hopeful, always thinking, easily distracted, forgiving, a talker, thoughtful, generous, blessed...

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  1. Hi Rebecca: I'm Connie at http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, your new GF friend. I would love it if you stop by and be my friend, too.
    Lovely family you have. I'm exhausted just reading all your accomplishments. You should be proud!
    Thank you for sharing.